Sooner or later the results of practice should express themselves through Tyaga and Vairagya. Literally translated: Tyaga is voluntary refusal and Vayragya is renunciation and detachment. Let’s look at the content of those meanings. Voluntary refusal will have its value only in the situation if it will happen naturally and will not create an inside conflict. Tyaga must form itself on a base of inside experience and full understanding of necessity to create changes. The meaning of Vayragiya should be understood as an absence of desire to sensual experience. Both of those phenomenons are re-evaluation of main values.
By gaining this experience you have to conscious yourself in a new quality and draw appropriate conclusions regarding your manifestations and activities. The balanced body and mind will create an opportunities for other connections and interactions. But the main value is that if a man will stay balanced, the situations and people around him gradually will start to resonate to his shape .By developing himself through Sadhkana a man can maintain his new qualities and live regular life but this life will be full of meaning and content.

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