Mantra is energy of higher consciousness that manifests itself in the sound. When a man recites mantra with goal-setting and understanding the meaning of it with full concentration, the conciseness of a man begins to absorb qualities of one or another aspect of the unmanifested. It is vitally important for the mantra to be transferred to the disciple by a Guru from a Tradition. In our times of the Internet when we all have access to any source of information, some may think that it is enough to find mantras online, to enunciate occasionally and that this may bring results. This is a big mistake, because in such a case the Mantra will not have the power that it should have. More than that, at the moment when the Guru is passing the mantra, he is instructing what is the best way to use it. It is so called rules of Anushthana, i.e. that period of time that is necessary for Mantra to entrench in the subtle body of a student and manifest it’s qualities. It is important to understand this moment. If to treat it in any different way, the Mantra will not implement itself, a man will lose time and would be approved in his delusions. By the way, such a childish approach could be formed only in the West where people do not have enough understanding of the practice of Yoga and Tantra.

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