Natha Yoga is a broad concept. It will be more correct to say Yoga Marga, in other words to say the Yogi’s way. Yoga Marga of a Natha Yogi is a phenomenon that should be considered as a specific life style, ideology, system of relationships, form of practices and much more. This order is regulated by established rules of the line of continuity of Natha Yogis and it is based on relationships of a Guru and his Disciple. Considering of what and how those relationships are built, we can make a conclusion about Yoga Natha. Obviously this knowledge can give only general understanding, but not real knowledge about the Yogi’s way. Those relations are something that reveals the essence of Yoga Marga. The Guru transfers the forms of Sadhana according to the aims and features of his disciple. Should be noted, that different forms of Sadhana can not be viewed separately, but should be considered as parts of a whole big process and this includes different forms of Yoga such as Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, different forms of worship in forms of tantric rituals and instructions on personal levels. Hatha Yoga is an equal part of the whole process that allows reaching the same goals through physical exercise practices, but it cannot be separated from the rest. If this will happen, the results will be minor. The energy that we gain through the practices of Hatha Yoga has to be directed to the self-realization through Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga. Only in this case the efforts can bring real results.

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