A lot depend on the aims and possibilities of a student. The Guru through which the Sadhana is passed, has to be familiar with the way of life of the student in order to choose proper methods. The Sadhkana should have a holistic nature and has to include in itself all necessary things that will allow the student to develop. The Sadhkana should be explained in details by the Guru and has to respond to the needs of the student. The student has to have a very clear idea about with what he is interacting and what his goals are. To answer this question straight, we can say that if the Sadhkana includes a complex of asans, pranayama, dhyana and some texts for worshiping, most likely it should take from 1 hour and 15 minutes up to 2 hours per day. The Sadhkana should prepare one to his daily duties and in the same time it should develop his potential.

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