It has to be clear that Yoga consists of various layers of knowledge and experience, and the teacher not only must theoretically gain them, be he must appear to be the manifestation of that knowledge and experience. It is not enough for a Yoga teacher just to have knowledge of a particular subject, he must understand life and people in general. First of all, by teaching Yoga, a teacher takes responsibility on himself for what he is teaching. Second, in Yoga tradition there is such a phenomenon as blessing from Gurus by the line of continuity for transferring the knowledge. This fact gives very big power to the one who is teaching and to his students. This is a complicated and subtle issue. There is a connection formed between a Guru and a student, and this connection exists beyond time and space. It is a special energy that connects all Gurus of the line of continuity. In this case a Guru and a disciple will always be supported by the Tradition.

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