Comprehension of Atma

From the book «Shri Natha Siddho ki shankhadhal» of Guru Yogi Vilasnatha Maharaj Atma, jivatma, antaratma, paramatma, the consciousness or paramtattva, etc — these are all names of the born soul. Any changes in the physical body or changes of the properties of the five elements in the Universe does not have any influence on […]

Yoga: the traditional approach

Even for a long time the world is not the entity which is divided into societies, ethnic groups, and politics or economy standards according to the places of original location. The interpenetration of cultures and interests of different societies became an integral attribute of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Tradition of Nath Yogis

Yoga is widely spread in the East but gradually the West started to pay attention to this spiritual discipline too. The basics of modern psychology provided by Freud and especially by Jung contained the knowledge of Yoga. Some Western modern directions of physical disciplines have been formed on the basis of Hatha Yoga practices. They […]

Moksha — Mukti

From the book of Guru Yogi Vilasnatha Maharaja «Shri Natha Siddho ki Shankhadhal» What is creation? It is a world emerged from Omkara. Some say that it is the unity of Shiva and Shakti. Some say the reason of all creation is Brahma, some say it is Vishnu or Ganesha. There is a variety of […]


The calendar of the human’s spiritual culture counts thousands of years. The achievements of the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indus Valley and Chinese civilizations are considered to be the foundation and development of many different religious cultures. Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, buddhism, different movements of Hinduism and Islam — have become hearths of the spiritual culture and […]

Hatha Yoga

This kind of yoga appeared owing to the Nath Tradition compilers. Evidently basing upon existing yoga practices and developed forms of Tantra the yogis of this tradition succeeded to unite their knowledge and experience and granted the world practical science of spiritual development. Though India was always generously gifted by saints and wise men, spiritual […]


Hatha Yogi’s tradition is a tradition based on continuity of policy. Parampara denotes asuccession from a teacher to a disciple and in origins it started from Matsyendranath. Parampara tradition allowed many yogis to appear and till now enriches Sampradaya tradition. Yogi Nath tradition is well known by its concentration in Hatha Yoga, but it is […]


Хронология духовной культуры человека исчисляется тысячелетиями. Достижения цивилизаций Египта, Междуречья, Инда и Китая являются основой возникновения и развития многих религиозных культур. Зороастризм, даосизм, иудаизм, христианство, буддизм, различные направления индуизма и ислам стали очагами духовной культуры и источниками вдохновения для многих ищущих. Все эти духовные учения объединяет теологический подход в попытке описания идей Божественного проявленного или […]

Постижение Атмы

из книги «Шри Натха Рахасья» Гуру Йоги Виласнатха Атма, дживатма, антаратма, параматма, сознание или парамтаттва и другое – это всё имена рождённой души. Никакие изменения, происходящие в физическом теле или изменения свойств пяти элементов во Вселенной, не оказывают какого-либо влияния на душу, находящуюся в теле и являющуюся бессмертной, как и бесконечная, вечная, истинная и нерушимая […]