Tradition of Nath Yogis

Yoga is widely spread in the East but gradually the West started to pay attention to this spiritual discipline too. The basics of modern psychology provided by Freud and especially by Jung contained the knowledge of Yoga. Some Western modern directions of physical disciplines have been formed on the basis of Hatha Yoga practices. They… Читать далее Tradition of Nath Yogis


The calendar of the human’s spiritual culture counts thousands of years. The achievements of the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indus Valley and Chinese civilizations are considered to be the foundation and development of many different religious cultures. Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, buddhism, different movements of Hinduism and Islam — have become hearths of the spiritual culture and… Читать далее Omkara


Hatha Yogi’s tradition is a tradition based on continuity of policy. Parampara denotes asuccession from a teacher to a disciple and in origins it started from Matsyendranath. Parampara tradition allowed many yogis to appear and till now enriches Sampradaya tradition. Yogi Nath tradition is well known by its concentration in Hatha Yoga, but it is… Читать далее Deeksha